Pearl Questions?

About the pearls-

Are the pearls real? 

Yes. Most of the pearls available through pearl parties are real pearls. False pearls are made of plastic or glass and are unlikely found for sale. 

Are our pearls truly Akoya Pearls? 

Yes. Pavati Pearls are true saltwater Akoya pearls. Our distributors culture the oysters in salt-water, and farm-raise their cultured Akoya oysters in salt-water before they are harvested and sent to us. **Be aware**- Although some of our competitors offer true salt-water akoya oyster pearls, most of the pearls available through ‘pearl parties’ are freshwater pearls implanted into Akoya oysters. These vendors are unknowingly selling those pearls falsely labeled as ‘salt-water’ Akoya. 

Are Pavati Pearls natural salt-water pearls?

No. Natural pearls from wild oysters are extremely rare. One in fifteen-thousand oysters produce a pearl in the wild. Our oysters are dyed and cultured at a young age in salt-water and finish their life cycle in salt water. Natural pearls do not come in a multitude of colors as cultured pearls do.

How much is my pearl worth?

There are many factors into considering the value of the pearl. The quality of pearls can be measured as follows: the type of pearl, thickness of nacre, size, luster, color, and shape. Pavati does not appraise jewelry or pearls.

Shipping ~ U.S. Free

Do you ship internationally?

We do! There is an additional cost of $10 for shipping internationally.

How long till I receive my amazing jewelry/pearls?

All shipping is USPS First Class, shipping times will vary by location, but should not exceed 10 business days.